‘Text Editors’ also known as ‘Editors’ are computer programs that are designed to create and edit plain and rich text files. One or more text editors are installed in every Operating System, by default. 

Features of Text Editors:

Text editors have various features that help to change the files. Such as ‘Documentation files’ as well as the ‘Configuration files’. Some of the features that come handy in the text editing and creation include, typing, deleting, erasing, the cursor moving, cut & copy-pasting. They also give the option of finding, replacing and saving, etc.

Moreover, they also have features referred to as ‘Source Code Editors’. These enable the users to edit and write ‘Programing language codes’. Other than that you can highlight the syntax, identify and rectify the errors, type at multiple places at the same time. 

Text Editors For Linux:

Just like any other OS, Linux desktop also supports a number of text editors. With more than ten different text editors you can install the one that suits your application. It helps to edit plain text, rich text and handles programming codes too.

–      For Plain Text:

Text editors for editing plain text on Linux are divided into two categories;

  • The GUI such as gedit, gvim, Tea, etc
  • The console editors like nano, pico, emacs or vim, etc.

While the GUI editors have user-friendly interface the console text editors offer suitability over even long-distance networks. 

–      For Rich Text:

Just like the plain text, Linux supports two major types of text editors to create and edit rich text. You can either use the HTML editors including Amaya, Bluefish, Quanta, or XML editors such as Oxygen, Eclipse, KXML editors, etc. 

–      For Programming Codes:

When it comes to edit or create computer programing languages/codes, there are a number of text editors that work perfectly in a Linux environment. Text editors like Sublime Text Editor, Atom, Codelite or CodeBlocks are some of the efficient and most compatible text editors for code generation and editing. 

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