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What is Arch Linux?

Arch Linux is a free and open-source operating system. It is a Linux distribution which means that a Linux based OS. It is specifically created for computers based on  x86-64 architecture. It is developed by a team of developers, the lead developer of which was Aaron Griffin. The main goal of the organization is to provide an operating system that is simple and lightweight yet also flexible.

You can download Arch Linux by clicking here.

Why do you need to download Arch Linux?

The first thing that you should keep in mind before choosing to download Arch Linux is that it is not for beginners. It is not easy to set up and definitely not easy to run for newbies. However, if you are willing to learn how Linux based environment work or if you have some experience then you should certainly try this OS. Here are the features that make Arch Linux so great.


Detailed Guides and Wiki: For help regarding the OS you can go to its website’s Wiki page which you can access by clicking here. There is a ton of information available there to guide you. Therefore, even if you are a beginner but enthusiastic in learning, with these guides and a bit of googling, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Customization: It takes a lot of time and knowledge just to install the OS. However, this is one of the reasons that makes it so great. All this effort that you spend on setting Arch Linux up means that you can customize it greatly. During the installation process, you can choose whether to add or not many features. Therefore, in the end, you are left with a system that only has things that you want.

Rolling release: What is meant by rolling release? It means that the operating system is continuously updated so the core of the system is always up to date. Consequently, you get the latest software, features and fixes.