What is Debian?

Debian is an operating system and a Linux distribution developed by ‘The Debian Project’. The OS is free and open-source. It is one of the oldest Linux distributions and many of the modern distros such as Ubuntu are based on its code.

To download Debian, click on this link.

Why should you use it?

The first benefit of most Linux distributions, that make them better than other competitive OS, is that they are free, and Debian is no different. They don’t charge you any money for the software. This gives it an advantage over many popular OS like Windows.

One more thing that is common among Linux Distributions is that they are open-source. Open-source software provide you with a lot of benefits. Such benefits include:

  • More control over the OS.
  • Disabling unwanted features.
  • Ability to modify the system.
  • Better understandability of the system.
  • Possibility of altering the operating system and creating your own OS that you can distribute, unless restricted by its distributor. However, there is no such restriction in Debian’s case.

Some other features that make it worth using are given below.


  • A broad community to help you out: A community is very helpful for open-source software since if you encounter a bug you can turn to the community for help. As you can change the code of the OS solving the bug can be easier. This way you can solve your problems before the developers release a potential update for solving it. Moreover, since there are many active members in the community means that there will be more people to assist you.
  • Versatility: It has different branches that you can choose from. These branches include Stable (the current stable version), Old-stable (the previous stable version), Unstable (a version that incorporates latest technologies and software however it may have bugs and is not stable) and Testing (a version that includes latest technology and software that have been tested).
  • Policy Manual:  Its detailed manual helps new users get started.

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