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Today we will review Bitpanda, perhaps one of the most successful European cryto trading platform.

Bitpanda the company

Bitpanda is a company based in Austria. It’s relatively new company, only starting out in the year 2014. However, just in 5 short years Bitpanda has become the leading crypto platform in Europe. As of September 2019, Bitpandas team has over 120 members servicing over 1 million users on the platfrom. A number which is growing daily. Bitpanda is arguably the biggest but undoubtedly the most innovative platform available.

A little bit about it’s services

These are not your typical crypto trading platform services. Because some of the investments Bitpanda has done are going to revolutionize the way we use crypto.

  • Bitpanda platform – The regular trading platform
  • Bitpanda Grand Exchange – An advanced trading marketplace
  • The Bitpanda swap – Exchange currencies for currencies, without using FIAT
  • A savings feature – Automated purchasing machine to increase your portfolio
  • The 100% secure and insured Bitpanda Metals – For trading precious materials such as gold and silver
  • The innovative Bitpanda To Go – Prepaid vouchers available for depositing on the platform available in Austria
  • The revolutionary Bitpanda Ecosystem Token – Utility currency available for trade on Bitpanda which offers discounts and rewards. A currency that raised 43,6m EUR in IEO for the company.
  • Pantos – A new state of the art multi-blockchain token system

Why should you use the Bitpanda Platform?

Firstly, it’s a company that continuously invests and advances itself. Secondly, it’s a growing community of traders. Lastly, it’s really cheap. Even more so, the interface and marketplace are very easy to navigate. Even the most inexperienced trader can enter the crypto world using Bitpanda, something very few other platforms can boast about.

We warmly recommend using Bitpanda. Start out small and enter the amazing world of online trading.

If you wish to learn more about Bitpanda, we strongly recommend reading this Bitpanda review. However, It is not merely a brochure but also as a guide to get started.