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Basic Topics

  • Introduction to Linux - A Hands On Guide - This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter.
  • Linux Administration Made Easy - The Linux Administration Made Easy (LAME) guide attempts to describe day-to-day administration and maintenance issues commonly faced by Linux system administrators.
  • Bash Guide for Beginners - The Bash Guide for Beginners gets you started with Bash scripting and bridges the gap between the Bash HOWTO and the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide. Everybody who wants to make life easier on themselves, power users and sysadmins alike, can benefit from reading this practical course.
  • LDP Author Guide - This guide describes the process of submitting and publishing a document with The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP). It includes information about the tools, toolchains and formats used by TLDP. The document's primary audience is new TLDP authors, but it also contains information for seasoned documentation authors.
  • Linux Dictionary - A resource for those Linux users wishing to seek clarification on Linux/UNIX/POSIX related terms and jargon. At approximately 9000 definitions and one thousand pages it is one of the largest Linux related dictionaries currently available.

Advanced Topics

  • Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide - This document is both a tutorial and a reference on shell scripting with Bash. It assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction.
  • The Linux System Administrators' Guide - This is the third book in the main LDP series, and assumes knowledge of everything in the Installation and Users' Guides. It will cover all of the aspects of keeping the system running, handling user accounts, backups, configuration of the system, installing and upgrading software, and more. Whereas some of this information is in the Installation Guide (just to get the system off the ground) this book should be much more complete.
  • The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Second Edition - This book was written to provide a single reference for network administration in a Linux environment. Beginners and experienced users alike should find the information they need to cover nearly all important administration activities required to manage a Linux network configuration.
  • Linux From Scratch - Derived from the popular Linux-From-Scratch-HOWTO, this book describes the process of creating your own Linux system from scratch from an already installed Linux distribution, using nothing but the sources of software that are needed.
  • EVMS User Guide - This book is designed to address user's questions about Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) and provide a context for using EVMS.
  • Securing and Optimizing Linux Red Hat Edition - A Hands on Guide - This book is intended for a target audience of technical and system administrators who manage Linux servers, but it also includes enough material for home users and others. It discusses how to install and setup a Red Hat Linux Server with all the necessary security and optimization for a high performance Linux specific machine.
  • Custom Linux: A Porting Guide - Porting LinuxPPC to a Custom SBC - This guide describes a work in progress, to port Linux to a custom PowerPC-based board. This means making the operating system work on unfamiliar hardware. Anyone, who is on the same track might benefit from reading this paper, as it highlights the pitfalls and problematic points along the way.
  • Using Samba, Second Edition - This book is primarily intended for Unix administrators who need to support Windows clients on their network, as well as anyone who needs to access the resources of a Windows network environment from a Unix client.
  • Samba-3 by Example - Practical Exercises in Successful Samba Deployment - This book provides step-by-step, proven, working examples of Samba deployments. If you want to deploy Samba-3 with the least effort, or if you want to become an expert at deploying Samba-3 without having to search through lots of documentation, this book is the ticket to your destination.
  • Pocket Linux Guide - The Pocket Linux Guide is for anyone interested in learning the techniques of building a GNU/Linux system from source code. The guide is structured as a project that builds a small diskette-based GNU/Linux system called Pocket Linux. Each chapter explores a small piece of the overall system explaining how it works, why it is needed and how to build it.
  • Guide to Managing Media and Public Relations in the Linux Community - This guide provides useful information on how to generate positive public relations and news media coverage for Linux.
  • Emacspeak User's Guide - This document helps Emacspeak users become familiar with Emacs as an audio desktop and provides tutorials on many common tasks and the Emacs applications available to perform those tasks. > linux-filesystem-hierarchy/ Linux Filesystem Hierarchy This document outlines the set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory placement under the Linux operating system according to those of the FSSTND v2.2 final (May 23, 2001) and also its actual implementation on an arbitrary system.

Linux Programming Documentation

  • Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals - An introduction to the Linux 2.4 kernel. The author is working as senior Linux kernel engineer at VERITAS Software Ltd and wrote this book for the purpose of supporting the short training course/lectures he gave on this subject, internally at VERITAS.
  • The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide - A guide to programming Linux kernel modules.

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